Get To Know God

The Bible is an extraordinary Book; There has never been another Book like it nor will there ever be again.


The Bible is very clear on the subject of salvation and it is very clear that there is only one way to be saved.


As we study the Bible we discover the first act of obedient faith is to believe in and accept Jesus Christ as both ...


Spiritual life was never designed to be rooted in religion or rituals but in the written Word of God itself.



SundayP.S. 132 Auditorium
185 Wadsworth Avenue (182nd and 183rd)
New York, NY 10033 (Entry on 182 St.)
Wednesday: Ft Wash. Heights Pres. Church
21 Wadsworth Avenue at 174 St.
Permanent Address:
210 Wadsworth Avenue
New York, NY 10033
(Mailing Address: P.O. Box 635)

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Service Times

Weekly Schedule
Sunday Bible Class: 10AM
Sunday Worship and Preaching Service: 11AM
Wednesday Bible Study: 7PM
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Online Sermons

Wadsworth sermons are available online
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What To Expect

At Wadsworth you can expect to find a welcoming atmosphere where it's ok for you to be you. Rather that means sitting back and observing the service or jumping in with both feet and participating 100% in all aspects of worship including singing aloud and filling in the lesson notes. You can plan on enjoying a pressure free environment of true worship. It s our heart's desire to magnify God in such a great way that not only do you want to come back but you'll want to invite your friends to join you. Learn More...